(n). improvement, alteration for the better

Total Reformation is an integrative exercise and wellness studio based in Hamilton, Victoria and Brighton, Melbourne. We support our clients in all aspects of health and wellbeing to unlock the body’s full potential.

Golf Coaching
Golf is a highly technical
and athletic event. We
adopt an approach that
focusses on a range of
areas. These include
improving the physical
conditioning of the
golfer to prevent or
rehabilitate injury,
technical lessons
focussing on all areas of
the game from full swing
mechanics through to
short game and putting
and lastly we take it out
on to the golf course for
some course
management instruction.
Exercise Coaching
In order to provide our clients with the best possible outcome we find it important that we adopt a scientific approach to health, fitness and movement. Before beginning any fitness or conditioning program with us we take our clients through a testing protocol to make sure that we gain a thorough understanding of how the individual in front of us is currently functioning. We feel that this approach enables us to create the best possible plan to help our clients improve their current physical condition and achieve their desired goals. After all 'If we are not assessing, we are just guessing' and this approach could lead to further negative results long term.
Athletic Performance Development
Athletes strive to be
their best in their chosen
sport. We spend time
with each athlete
analysing the specific
movement patterns for
the chosen sport, their
nutritional needs, the
different neurological
demands and energy
system requirements for
their sport.
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy uses various techniques for manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance their function, increase range of motion in the joints and aid in the healing process.
Metabolic Typing
Metabolic Typing™ is the method used for determining the correct mix of nutrients that is specific or unique to the individual.
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Through functional lab
testing TotalReformation can
identifymalfunctions at the
subclinical level within the:
Hormone /Immune Digestion
/Detoxification ...